Luddenmore Willow with her new born calf Mount Joyful-Willow by Kilbride Farm Glencloy at 3 days old

Luddenmore Willow: Foundation female of the herd, purchased at Roscommon Premier Sale in November 2010 having stood senior champion.

Dam: Luddenmore Saffron (Hillcrest Champion) Sire: Raceview King


Mount Graceful Willow (Kilbride Farm Newry) Retained

Mount Graceful Willow


Luddenmore Wishful Polly

Luddenmore Wishful Polly: Dam: Drishogue Freda (Seabank Austin) Sire: Raceview King


Mount Eve (Banwy T-Rex) Retained. Reserve national intermediate heifer champion in 2015 and winner of numerous breed championships. Her first calf, Mount Hawkeye, is by Curaheen Dickens and is already showing great promise.

Mount Emerald (Banwy T-Rex) Twin to Eve. Reserve senior female champion Roscommon November 2015.

Mount Genevieve (Anatrim Diamond) Retained.

Mount Hercules (Kilbride farm Newry)


Mount Eve

Mount Hawkeye


Mount Genevieve

Mount Emerald

Mount Hercules



Knockane Tiny

Knockane Tiny: Dam: Hillcrest Nicole (Rosten Barney) Sire: Ballyduff Jeweller

Purchased at the Knockane Production Sale with her heifer calf Knockane First at foot.


Knockane First (Curaheen Vio) Reserve national intermediate heifer champion Tullamore 2016. She has since had her first calf, Mount Jen, by Kilbride Farm Glencloy.

Mount Gentle Tiny (Kilbride Farm Bantry)

Knockane First

Mount Gentle Tiny

Knockane Verity

Knockane Verity: Dam: Knockane Shy (Ballyduff Jeweller) Sire: Curaheen Slick

Verity is the dam of Knockane Banjo.


Knockane Glenda (Curaheen Explosion)

Mount Hilda (Knockane Derrik)

Mount Jeuda (Kilbride Farm Glencloy 15)

Knockane Glenda

Mount Hilda

Mount Jeuda at 7 days old

Curaheen Vogue

Curaheen Vogue: Dam: Curaheen Mary (Hillcrest Champion) Sire: Richardstown Jumbo


Seafort Fay (Auroch Bullet) Her first calf Mount Hayley is by Hillcrest Jerome

Mount Gwendalyn (Auroch Bullet)

Mount Hugo (Glebefarm Tyson) Sold for €3,600 Tullamore Society Sale April 2017

Seafort Fay

Mount Gwendalyn

Mount Hugo

Curaheen Brooklyn

Curaheen Brooklyn: Dam: Blackfrod Siskin (Kilbride Farm Millar) Sire: Curaheen Tyson

Purchased at the Curaheen Dispersal sale. Shown as a calf when she stood second at Tullamore Show and won the the National progeny pairs title. 


Mount Horizon (Artnagullion Flint)


Celtic Winnifred ET

Celtic Winnifred: Dam: Celtic Homemaker (Brinkton Brilliant) Sire: Hillcrest Jerome


Mount Handy-Manny (Delfur Decider)

Mount Jeremy (Kilbride farm Glencloy 15) South west simmental club bull calf champion

Mount Handy Manny

Mount Jeremy

Mount Carol

Mount Carol: Dam: Ballyraggan Maggie (Salisbury Challenger) Sire: Glebefarm Tyson


Mount George (Anatrim Diamond) Sold €3,300

Mount Hilda (Delfur Decider) Sold to Atlow herd, UK

Mount Heidi

Mount George


Clonagh Glitzy Rubystar

Clonagh Glitzy Rubystar: Dam: Cloneygowan Rubystar (Dirnanean Jacob) Sire: Kilbride Farm Dragoon

Glitzy was reserve female champion at the Society Premier sale at Roscommon in March 2016. She is a maternal sister to Clonagh Flashy Rubystar, who was National calf champion in 2014 and Emerald Rubystar; Society sale champion at Tullamore in 2014. Glitzy is incalf to Clonagh Frosty King.